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Source Pathology provides a complete histopathology and clinical diagnostics provision for the cut-up, processing, and reporting of pre-prepared slides, blocks, or wet surgical specimens through accredited laboratories (ISO15189:2012 – Medical Laboratories standard). With two levels of service – Partnered  and Managed, Source Pathology tailors its approach through scalable solutions for each laboratory requirement.

Standard Turnaround Times

Pre-prepared Slides

Wet Specimens

Histopathology Service Solutions

Cellular Pathology

Cellular Pathology

Source Pathology provides a complete cellular pathology reporting service for pre-prepared slides, frozen and FFPE blocks, and wet specimens from our accredited laboratories.

Our service is highly regarded and our team of the UK’s leading Specialist Consultant Pathologists, led by our Medical Director Professor Ian Ellis, provides peace of mind for our customers.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Providing cutting edge reference laboratory testing for cancer and other diseases. Our unparalleled combination of expertise in Histopathology and Cytopathology, coupled with the latest molecular diagnostics, enables us to provide a unique service to support specialist diagnostics.

Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology

In addition to in-house Digital Pathology capability, Source Pathology is able to provide NHS Trusts and private hospital providers with a complete Digital Pathology solution, including the installation of on-site scanning facilities. This further drives down turnaround times, giving patients more timely diagnosis and treatment.

Duty of Care and Investigative Audit

Duty of Care and Investigative Audit

Investigative Audit and Duty of Care reviews are complex and time consuming, so it is important to ensure they are entered into at the appropriate time and are properly conducted. Source Pathology's Duty of Care and Investigative Audit services provide a confidential, efficient, and swift means of undertaking reviews using an independent panel of specialist pathologists.

Second Opinion Services

Second Opinion Services

Second Opinion is often required when making a judgement about a pathology diagnosis and promotes confidence in a service. The focus of Source Pathology’s expert opinion is patient safety and to help identify patients that may require clinical management.

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Service Levels

With a National network of RCPath qualified pathologists, Source Pathology offer options tailored to individual laboratory needs.

Partnered Services

Partnered Services

A complete service for the cut-up, processing and reporting of wet surgical specimens, blocks and pre-prepared slides from ISO15189 accredited laboratories. This provides access to specialist diagnostic histopathology expertise including primary diagnosis and second opinion services.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Based on shared goals and customer alignment, Source Pathology provides a comprehensive managed service model which is fundamentally different to the usual customer-supplier relationship. This is a tailored service which is uniquely designed to support you throughout the contract to help achieve your business needs, provide your laboratories with scalable solutions and continue to deliver exceptional clinical diagnostic services.

Our Process

Submitting Samples

Wet specimens and pre-prepared slides
When submitting cases to Source Pathology, please adhere to the following minimum data requirements.

All cases must detail:

  • Patient name (or number, in cases of anonymised patients)
  • Patient date of birth
  • Referring site
  • Referring laboratory number
  • Specimen and clinical details

Diagnostic Services
When submitting cases to Source Pathology for diagnostic testing portfolio of tests, for example HER2 testing) All cases should be accompanied by a fully completed order form:

Slide Preparation for Courier Collection

Pre-prepared Slides
Source Pathology provide boxes for the transportation of pre-prepared specimens as the correct packaging of slides and FFPE blocks is essential to minimise the risk of breakages and potential loss during transportation. Each transport box can hold approximately 30 trays of slides and each tray can hold a maximum of 9 slides.

Wet specimens
Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, barrels for transportation of wet specimens will be provided by Source Pathology. It is important that specimens are adequately fixed. For large resection specimens it is suggested that specimens be incised to aid fixation prior to dispatch.

Courier Collection
Source Pathology can organise daily, regular (e.g. Monday and Wednesday each week) or ad-hoc collections as required. Please advise us of your preferred collection arrangements and times through discussion with your dedicated account manager.

All collections are free of charge.

Customer Support

Source Pathology has a dedicated Customer Support team, who manages the process from sample receipt, to reporting and return.

With a National network Consultant Pathologists available to report, cases are sent to members of the consultant team according to specialism.

Our team of scientific and laboratory professionals are available to offer technical and diagnostic advice and any queries regarding logistics and delivery of results.

Electronic Delivery of Results

Source Pathology offers a fast and secure method of receiving reports for both cellular pathology specimens and diagnostic tests. Our system requires a user name, password and a random number generating key fob in order to log in to your account, ensuring that reports are securely stored and can only be accessed by those set up on the system. Reports are downloaded in Microsoft Word format.

For longer term support and contracts, Source BioScience can feed reports directly into a Trust laboratory Information Management System.

All slides, blocks FFPE blocks and request cards will be returned.


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